Yetter planter attachments

3000 Series Vipers      *      2967-042-ST-FW Row Cleaners      *      2968-020 Fertilizer Openers

     6200-003 Spike Closing Wheels      *    6200-108 Drag Chains

"All the no-till attachments have been a lifesaver. With the way the weather's been, we wouldn't have been able to plant the ground we did without them. The Vipers have been worth every penny, for putting fertilizer down in the ground.   The fertilizer openers are excellent for produce planting.  The row cleaners are a vital addition, and the spike closing wheels are what I've enjoyed the most. Overall, they are easy to set up and adjust, and have been very useful, especially on wet, hard ground. Anyone is welcome to stop by and see it."

 Ron Wagner, Wagner Farms, Rome, NY

10' Speedtiller - Corn Stubble

Design excellence and extensive field testing - under the harshest and most demanding conditions, is what makes the Speedtiller a superior world class machine.

15' Speedtiller - Moldboard Ground

The weight, disc angle & bearing position of the Speedtiller make it first choice for the progressive producers today.

20' Speedtiller, Injected Manure

Better disc relationship for cutting through your heaviest trash.



     10' speedtiller  in rocky soil

"This mulching and leveling finishes much better than normal offset discs   


2930dd     10' Speedtiller        3 Point Hitch

Cultivate at deeper depths with superior trash handling

-     or     -

Cultivate at shallower depths for surface mulching.



2930dd   10'   Speedtiller       *Cabbage Ground

Increase organic matter in your soil.

2930dd     10' Speedtiller    *Wet Sod

High Speed Disc Tillage - Save on labor, fuel, & chemical costs


2930dd    10'  Speedtiller      *Wet CLAY

Excellent Weed Control

2930dd    10' Speedtiller      *Ripped Ground

 Effecient Seedbed Preparation - High Density Rubber Torsion Assembly

Yetter 2987 NH3 Magnum

Yetter 2984 Maverick HR Plus

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