Must-Do Maintenance for a Worry-Free Season 

Avoid delays and maximize productivity this season with our quick equipment check guide. Fix problems now for a smooth, efficient hay season! 

This blog provides essential maintenance tips and a handy parts checklist to keep your farm tools running strong all year long! READ MORE.

Why Regular Maintenance Matters

Pushing your machinery to its limits without proper maintenance is a recipe for disaster.  Here’s why regular machine care is crucial:

  • Peak Performance: A well-maintained piece of equipment results in precise and hassle-free farming operations.
  • Reduced Downtime: Catching minor issues before they turn into major repairs prevents costly downtime.
  • Safety First: Regular machine maintenance prevents accidents.
  • Extended Equipment Lifespan: With proper care, your equipment will last for seasons to come.

Know Your Arsenal

There are different kinds of hay tools each playing a crucial role in transforming fields of green into golden bounty. Here’s a quick rundown of some key players:

  • Mower Conditioners: This tractor-pulled tool cuts down the hay and can also crush or crimp the stems at the same time. Crushing helps dry the hay faster, which is important for making high-quality hay.
  • Hay Rakes: These come in a few varieties, but their purpose is to gather the cut hay into rows called windrows. Windrows help the hay dry evenly.
  • Balers: The stars of the show, balers compress loose hay into compact and easily transportable bales.
  • Hustler Equipment: The Softhands use a gentle grip to handle round bales without damaging the wrap while the Unrolla unrolls the bales for easy livestock consumption. Both equipment are available at RangeLine.

10 Hay Tool Parts You Can't Afford to Miss

From the initial cut of the mower to the final perfectly formed bale, countless components ensure a smooth operation.  While there’s a vast array of hay tools and their parts, this list focuses on four types:   mowers, conditioners, rakes, and balers. 

By prioritizing preventative maintenance and keeping these key components in top shape, you can avoid costly breakdowns and ensure a worry-free, efficient harvest season.


Balers turn hay & straw into round or square bales for easier storage & transport. See three key baler parts that are available at RangeLine below! 


Acts like a heart, using engine power to circulate pressurized fluid through the system.


Converts pressurized fluid into powerful pushing/pulling force by extending a piston inside a barrel.


Rod attached to the hydraulic cylinder that directly compresses material in the baler’s chamber.

2.Hustler Equipment

Softhands handle your bales with care, minimizing waste, and the Unrolla effortlessly feeds them out, maximizing efficiency and hay quality. 


Maintains Softhands alignment for easier handling of bales.


 Delivers bales from storage for feeding.

RangeLine has thousands of Hustler replacement parts in stock ready for delivery.

3.Hay rakes

Hay rakes gently sweep cut hay into neat rows, allowing for even drying and quicker baling.


Grabbing prongs that adjust for hay type and windrow formation.


Strong base holding all rake parts (material varies).


Support weight and maneuverability for tractor-pulled rakes.

4.Mower Conditioner

Mower conditioners cut and crush hay in one go, speeding up drying for quicker baling.


Efficient & clean cutting for most hay.


Cut and crimp hay in one pass.


Sets cutting height, protects blades/sickle.


Don’t wait until the last minute! Stock up on essential hay tool parts today!

RangeLine Group carries a wide range of replacement parts for all major hay tool brands, ensuring you have everything you need to keep your operation running smoothly.

Remember, preventive maintenance is key to a successful and profitable farming season.  Don’t miss out – visit to browse our extensive selection of farm equipment parts!