E-Z Slide Graphite, 1 Gal.

Water-based Formula


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E-Z Slide paint-on graphite coating in water-based formula. 1 Gallon

  • Compatible with Universal Drill Parts Drill(s) Till-Guard
  • EZ-Slide is black graphite coating designed for any farm, home or industrial applications where a smooth, low-friction coating is needed
  • EZ-Slide bonds quickly to any clean metal, wood, concrete and most plastic surfaces
  • Some uses are gravity boxes, corn head pickers, combines, truck beds, wagon beds, buckets, blades, garage door tracks, snow blowers, snow plow blades, dump bins, solar panels, saw blades, mower blades & decks, lawn & garden tools
  • Helps create a smooth surface that will prevent things from sticking to the coated surface
  • Non-flammable water-based formula

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Weight 10.1 lbs