Lower Idler Sprocket; 032012

17 Tooth; For Heads With 30″ Rows


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Lower Idler Sprocket, 17 tooth. For heads with 30″ rows.

To fit Geringhoff® RD430, RD436, RD438, RD630, RD636, RD638, RD830, RD836, RD838, RD840, RD1230, RD1236, RD1238, RD1630, RD1830, RD430F, RD630F, RD830F, RD836F, RD838F, RD1230F, RD1236F, RD1238F, RF1630F, NS430, NS436, NS438, NS630, NS636, NS638, NS640, NS830, NS836, NS838, NS840, NS1230 series combines.

Replaces Geringhoff® # 032012

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