“Thunderbolt” Penetrating Oil, 20 oz.

Well-Worth “Thunderbolt” Foaming Penetrating Oil 20 oz. Can.


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Well-Worth “Thunderbolt” Foaming Penetrating Oil 20 oz. Can.

  • THUNDERBOLT™ is ION-ACTIVATED and has a super attraction to metal. Like a magnet, THUNDERBOLT™ is forcefully drawn beyond heavy rust and corrosion to blast free frozen parts quickly and easily.
  • Second, THUNDERBOLT™ FOAMS ON, TO STAY ON. Won’t run off, but hangs around to work overtime on your toughest jobs.
  • THUNDERBOLT’s premium formula keeps working even when exposed to high temperatures. Last but not least, a specially formulated lubricant protects and lubricates metal surfaces even under the most demanding situations.


  • Auto – Home – Industrial – Farm – Marine
  • Releases Frozen or Oxidized Fasteners to Allow Easy Removal
  • Excellent All Around Penetrating Oil

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