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  • Precise spread patterns
  • Maximum work rates at application rates of 650 kg/min and operational speeds of up to 30 km/h
  • ProfisPro on-line weighing system – for constant control of the application rate
  • Fill management with the external fill level indicator lights ensures the quick and accurate loading by just one person


  • In just one pass, achieve shallow cutting and deeply loosen soil tillage
  • Independent operation is possible with either just the disc segment or with the tine segment
  • High maneuverability on the headland and narrow transport for road control
  • Maximum flow through due to optimally designed row spacing of the tine section
  • Infinitely-variable mechanical depth adjustment

Featured High Speed Tillage Equipment

ZG-TS Trailed Fertilizer Spreader

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Catros 26′ XL Speed Disc

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Catros 30′ Speed Disc

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Ceus 6000-2TX Ripper

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Who is Amazone? RangeLine’s Trusted Partner

We’re unveiling a powerhouse in farm equipment innovation!

Discover the history and dedication that make them a trusted name in farming. Get a glimpse of Amazone’s impressive equipment lineup.

Learn why Rangeline Group chooses Amazone to bring you the best farm solutions available. Watch the video to see how Amazone and Rangeline, together,  revolutionize farming in the US.

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How does the drop point work?

Most fertilizer spreaders drop pellets onto spinning discs, where paddles forcefully “slap” them into the air, often causing breakages.

But with the Amazone ZA-TS 4200, things are different. It calculates the perfect “drop point”, gently SLIDING pellets onto the field to prevent pulverization and to ensure maximum effectiveness of expensive farm inputs.

What is Border Control?

Fertilizing every inch of your field to evenlyis a challenge. But what if there was a way to eliminate wasted fertilizer and get even application right up to the edge?

Discover how Border Control ensures precise fertilizer application at field boundaries. Uncover the technology behind this innovative system. See how Border Control can save you money and boost your yields.

What is the Spreader Vane on the Amazone ZA-TS Spreader?

Ever wondered how the Amazone ZA-TS spreader achieves such even fertilizer distribution?

Learn how Amazone ZA-TS spreader vane works in the field. Uncover the science behind the equipment’s ability to control throw width and distribution.

How Amazone Simplifies fertilizer spreading

Step into the future of farming with the Amazone ZA-TS Fertilizer Spreader! 

This game-changing piece of equipment is as EASY TO USE as it is TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED.

With its simple design, you’ll master precision spreading in no time—no more guesswork!

Plus, it calculates the perfect application rate on the spot, ensuring every inch of your field gets the nutrients it needs.

Amazone Argus Twin Receives Agrithecnica Medal

The benchmark for precision!

It’s the perfect combination of modern and practical. The gold medal-winning ArgusTwin system proves that you can have high-tech features without sacrificing ease of use.

Aside from the Gold Agritechnica medal, the ZG-TS also got four Silver medals for EasyCheck, EasyMix, Headland Control, and Wind Control systems!

Verify your Spread Pattern with the Amazone EasyCheck System

Dive deep into the heart of agricultural innovation as we introduce a game-changer in farm management. 

The Amazone EasyCheck System is a game-changer in farm management, providing real-time monitoring and data analysis to optimize agricultural operations. 

With its user-friendly interface, farmers can easily access insights into machine performance, soil conditions, and crop health!


4 Features of the Amazone Ceus 6000-2TX

The Amazone Ceus 2TX revolutionizes deep ripping in tillage, providing farmers with a groundbreaking one-pass solution that enhances efficiency, productivity, and yield potential.

With its advanced technology, customizable features, and durable build, the Ceus 2TX sets a new benchmark for tillage equipment.

Watch this game-changing equipment and see for yourself the transformative impact it brings to your farming operations. 

Catch The Ceus – 2023

Traditional disc harrows and tine cultivators have been effective for soil preparation. However, they require multiple passes to thoroughly till the field. 

Each pass takes time, and if 2-4 passes are needed, it adds up to your total time spent on field preparation, potentially delaying planting and other crucial farm activities.

The Amazone Ceus, on the other hand, can accomplish the task in a single pass, making it a certified #wiseinvestment farm equipment!

Fun Facts about the Amazone Ceus – Part 1

No matter the challenges your fields present—be it heavy residue or soil compaction —having precise control over tillage depth and pressure is crucial in preparing the optimal groundwork for your next crop.

Discover the different parts of the Amazone Ceus disc & tine cultivator that help you achieve shallow tillage with intensive mixing in just ONE PASS.

Fun Facts about the Amazone Ceus – Part 2

Are you tired of going in and out of your tractor to adjust tillage depth, pressure, and leveling? 

What used to take several minutes can now be accomplished in just a few seconds without the need to stop. 

Amazone Demos Video Gallery