How To Avoid AG Parts Shortages

Supply chain shortages hit the ag industry hard in 2021. Delays in new equipment manufacturing placed significant strains on the ag replacement parts market, inflating prices and reducing inventory. With expectations that ag parts supply shortages will continue in 2022, finding solutions that limit your exposure to parts shortages is critical. Keeping valuable equipment operating impacts productivity, and downtime leads to profit loss. Here are some tips on avoiding supply chain shortages in the future.

Purchase Early

In previous growing seasons, lead time was measured in weeks. However, the recent supply chain shortages have created months-long waiting periods for equipment; this increased lead time means growers have to wait longer to get the parts they need. Most original equipment manufacturers (OEM) operate on a first-come, first-serve basis once they run out of inventory. They build a list of growers that still need equipment and prioritize based on when they asked. The longer you wait to order equipment, the longer you’ll wait to receive it once shortages occur, and the more you’ll pay. Ordering further in advance than normal helps limit your exposure to parts shortages and rising costs from dealers.

Invest in Durable AG Replacement Parts

Part shortages in manufacturing have increased the importance of durable replacement parts. Investing in wear parts built to last helps minimize exposure to supply chain disruptions. Using durable replacement parts on your farm increases your employees’ long-term productivity and efficiency and allows you to adjust better to increased lead time.

Communicate Efficiently

The typical ag parts supply chain includes these elements:

  • Manufacturer
  • Parts depot
  • Dealer
  • Grower

The manufacturer builds the equipment and distributes it to the parts depot, selling it to dealers. Growers buy parts from dealers but are left out of the communication chain between the manufacturer and parts depot. This communication gap creates challenges when part shortages occur; the grower and dealer often don’t communicate with the manufacturer, meaning they often find out about supply chain issues at the same time and don’t have time to adjust.

Are you hoping to avoid the supply chain issues that impacted your farm in 2021? Contact RangeLine Group and see how we help growers avoid ag parts supply shortages.

How RangeLine Minimizes Impact of Parts Shortages

Finding the right replacement parts supplier is just as important as purchasing the right brand of equipment. Sourcing your parts from an unprepared supplier impacts your ability to repair equipment because the correct parts aren’t available. RangeLine Group helps growers work through parts shortages by providing the following benefits:

Consistent Inventory

We purchase our parts straight from the manufacturer, which streamlines our communication channels and provides accurate estimates on parts arrival. Purchasing your parts from us also gives you an edge on anticipating supply chain shortages; by buying from the manufacturer, we can anticipate shortages months in advance and can alert you when issues are developing. Our process eliminates communication gaps and allows you to continue operations on your farm with limited downtime.

Durable Replacement Parts

We source our parts from well-known companies known for durability. You ensure a longer-lasting product by purchasing our durable parts that reduces future repair time and costs. We sell durable parts because it helps us follow our three main strategies:

  • Increase efficiency: An efficient farm is a productive farm
  • Optimize performance: Durable parts help employees maintain performance and increase safety.
  • Maximize uptime: Minimizing downtime is critical for growers; durable parts help maintain peak operating time.

Training Services

Our experienced team embraces a hands-on approach and is available for onsite training. These training services help make sure your equipment is working properly and that your employees are prepared to repair the equipment if necessary.

Equipment Parts Offered by RangeLine

As an industry-leading supplier of farming equipment and parts, RangeLine Group offers high-quality equipment and parts designed to increase productivity at your farm, including:

Tillage Parts

We have an expert team that’s knowledgeable about farming and tillage processes in various soil types. We know how important the right tillage tools are to the productivity of a farm and offer parts that have been tested and proven to perform in the most demanding soil conditions.

Planter Parts

Our line of planter parts includes durable seed disc openers. Our seed discs are manufactured with high-quality boron steel and have a 20-30% longer wear on average than competing blades. They also retain a sharp cutting edge to ensure accurate seed placement, which helps maintain consistent crop yield.

Combine Parts

We offer combine replacement parts that can help keep you running during harvest. Our combine parts are cost-effective and improve efficiency and productivity at your farm.

RangeLine Group: Supplying AG Equipment With a Personal Touch

RangeLine has been an industry-leading supplier of equipment and replacement parts since 2012. Our business has grown because of the service we offer our customers and the inventory we consistently have available. We’re a family owned and operated business that offers the personal touch growers expect. Our team’s goal is to give our customers a smooth experience and accomplish that by sticking to our core values:

  • Trust: We’re open and honest with our customers.
  • Respect: Our employees treat others how they want to be treated.
  • Teamwork: We work together with our customers to help them grow and succeed.
  • Change: We’re an adaptable company that changes based on our customers’ needs.
  • Attitude: We aim to provide a positive, team-first attitude every day.
  • Communicate: Our team practices transparency by frequently communicating with our customers.

We’re a results-oriented company that’s passionate about efficiency and committed to your success. Our focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness has made us one of the largest ag replacement parts suppliers in North America. Contact RangeLine Group today to learn more about how our services help limit the risks associated with parts shortages.