What Is the Best Closing Wheel System for Your Planter?

Closing wheels are essential to the planting process. An effective closing wheel breaks down sidewall compaction, closes the seed trench, firms the soil around the seed, and improves seed-to-soil contact, ensuring improved germination, even emergence, and better stands resulting in higher yields.

When you use standard OEM closing wheels, you risk lower yields and uneven emergence. Standard closing wheels can negatively impact seed emergence by adequately closing the seed trench. Choosing the right closing wheel is critical for successful, even emergence.

Keep reading to learn more about your options as a grower and determine the best closing wheel option for your operation.

What Is a Closing Wheel?

Closing wheels are the two wheels mounted on the rear of your row unit. You may not think much about it, but the closing wheel is an essential part of the recipe to consistent, even seed emergence.

The wheels are responsible for closing the seed trench. As you plant, your seed disc openers often create sidewall compaction. The correct closing wheel will reduce compaction by crumbling the sidewall and firming the soil over the seed. Air pockets are eliminated, therefore, improving your seed-to-soil contact.

Thorough and consistent closure of the seed trench leads to good, even emergence and a bountiful yield. The industry-standard rubber closing wheel may get the job done, but there are more varieties out there that may better suit your needs.

Types of Planter Closing Wheels and Their Benefits

Rubber Closing Wheels

The standard rubber closing wheels are included with most planters. It’s the closing wheel most growers are familiar with, and they do a fair job in most soil types. However, rubber wheels aren’t the most consistent tool. The wheels work well in conventional tillage.

However, rubber wheels wear faster than alternatives, and in no-till conditions with clay soils, options like the spiked closing wheel are more effective.

Cast Spiked Closing Wheels

The benefits of cast spiked closing wheels include: 

  • wide-crowned depth band controls 
  • spiked depth that prevents seed disturbance 
  • teeth that lift and fracture soil to enhance seed to soil contact and encourage faster soil warm-up 
  • sidewall compaction elimination
  • operates as a pair of spikes or use one per row with factory style rubber wheel  

If you want a closing wheel that excels in any soil type or tillage condition, spiked wheels are a great choice, especially if you deal with wet conditions. Reducing sidewall compaction and firming the soil is simple with a set of 6200-001 spiked close wheels. 

Cast Twister Closing Wheels

The cast Twister closing wheels will achieve closure in tough soil conditions. It is designed to fully close the seed trench and increase yield potential in various soil conditions. The cast twister closing wheel works in a wide range of tillage practices; minimum till, conventional, strip-till, vertical tillage, and no-till.

Some of the features of this wheel are twisted cast spikes and rounded centers. They close the seed trench in both wet and ideal soil conditions. At the same time, the depth ring maintains proper wheel depth, enhances seed-to-soil contact, helps prevent yield-robbing air pockets, and eliminates sidewall compaction.  

Typically, we have found the best results running the cast twister closing wheels in sets of two per row. These wheels are directional and come as a left and right wheel. Cast twister wheels are heavier than poly twister wheels. They’re also more aggressive and a good option when planting in no-till conditions. The 6200-009 is the set you need.  

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Poly Twister Closing Wheel

The Poly Twister closing wheel is optimized for minimum-till, no-till, and conventional till practices. Growers can adjust down pressure on the closing wheel arm to increase or decrease how aggressive the closing wheels are. The Poly Twister enhances seed to soil contact and helps prevent air pockets, eliminates sidewall compaction, and works very well, specifically with shallow planted crops. The Twister’s rounded center design and smooth surface reduce mud buildup, increasing the closing wheel’s lifespan and ensuring peak performance.

Poly Twister Ring

The Poly Twister ring is the same closing wheel as the poly twister complete wheels, except that it is the ring only, and you would use your plastic wheel halves from your rubber tire closing wheels. This will save you money upfront but will involve taking apart your old wheels and putting them back together with the new ring on them. 

Serrated Closing Discs

Serrated closing discs work well in minimum-till, conventional till, and no-till practices. The disc loosens the soil around the seed, encouraging seed-to-soil contact and emergence. These closing discs are used on Case-IH planters and will fit John Deere planters with the correct closing wheel system. If you’re looking for the best in serrated discs, check out our Yetter closing disc kit.

RangeLine Group Offers High-Speed Planter Closing Wheels and Upgrades

Discovering the best planter closing wheel system for your farm may take time, but it’s an important decision that has consequences for your yield. Poor planter performance negatively impacts the quality of your output. Fitting your equipment with the correct closing wheel improves emergence, firms the soil, and removes air pockets, enhancing seed-to-soil contact for your crops. When growers close their seed trench properly, they capitalize on the work of the other planter components and lay the groundwork for a successful yield. 

Do you need help finding the best planter closing wheel for your tillage practice? RangeLine Group has you covered with top-quality ag supplies. We sell closing wheel attachments and upgrades for planters. Whatever brand planter you use, we have the closing wheels you need to close your seed trenches completely and consistently and follow through for a successful yield. 

A well-made closing wheel can make all the difference. RangeLine Group can help you make those final touches count. Ready to increase your yields? Reach out today and learn how our attachments can increase the efficiency of your planting processes.