Why use Row Cleaners

The Value of Planter Row Cleaners

Why Use Planter Row Cleaners?

Clay, stones, and trash embedded in the soil impact a grower’s ability to achieve a consistent seed placement. In order to make sure that they have a clear path for their planter seed disc, growers use planter row cleaners. Learn more about the benefits of using planter row cleaners and the best row cleaners offered by RangeLine.

Benefits of Planter Row Cleaners

Row cleaners have seen an increased use among growers because they offer the following benefits:


Planter row cleaners have applications for all soil techniques. Whether you use conventional or minimal tillage practices or no-till, all growers see the benefit of row cleaners. These attachmentsprovide a clean planting zone for seed and allow for consistent placement. This increases your farm’s efficiency and delivers a higher crop yield.

Removes Residue

Row cleaners remove residue and debris out of the way for seed disc openers and gauge wheels. Removing unwanted materials from the soil allows for a smoother operation since it eliminates vibration and bounces during planting.

Protects Cover Crops

Growers that plant directly into cover crops use row cleaners to clear the soil while keeping the cover crop intact. Protecting the cover crop increases a farm’s efficiency by reducing erosion and putting nitrogen back into the soil.

Fixed vs. Floating Row Cleaners

Maintaining shallow furrows is a top priority for growers when using planter row cleaners. Fixed row cleaners can create problems because they don’t follow the soil contour. While some fixed row cleaners offer pin-adjusted row cleaner attachments that control the amount of residue removal, they reduce productivity by requiring workers to exit the tractor cab and manually score or pin to the proper depth. These inconveniences are why floating row cleaners have increased in popularity over the years. Floating row cleaners simplify processes by naturally following the contour in front of the planter. This takes away the need for additional pin-adjusted row unit mounted attachments and increases efficiency by keeping workers in the driver’s cab and minimizing topsoil disturbance.

Another option for maximizing the efficiency of floating row cleaners is adding air-adjusted cylinders to each row. Air adjusted row cleaners allow growers to make adjustments from the cab using air pressure. This keeps your soil profile intact and enhances precision planting during the growing season.

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What Planter Row Cleaners Does RangeLine Offer?

As a leading supplier of Ag equipment, RangeLine knows how important high-quality equipment is for a farm’s success. That’s why we only offer industry-leading planter row cleaners from top brands, including Yetter. Since 1930, Yetter has been providing solutions for the Ag industry that enhance productivity. We carry Yetter’s line of planter row cleaners because they offer superior features, including:

  • Adjustable float that follows the soil’s contour
  • Standard mounting hole location that delivers precise planting
  • Compact design that allows mounting on planters with limited space
  • Multiple wheel position setting

RangeLine Group: Offering Yetter Planter Row Cleaners and More for Growers Across America

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