How To Find Farming Spare Parts

When your farming equipment breaks down, your revenue is on the line. You need to fix your machinery fast, but how do you manage to find spare parts when you need them the most?

The Declining Availability of Farm Machinery Spare Parts

Spare parts for farm machinery are getting harder to find. There are many reasons why, but perhaps the most prominent reason is supply chain issues in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Suppliers and manufacturers haven’t been working at full capacity for some time, and the supply chain has yet to recover from some of the biggest economic disruptions in history.
Because of this, when you visit a local store or contact a dealer, they may not have the parts you need in stock. This doesn’t change the fact that you need to resume operations quickly, so where do you go from there?

How To Find Tractor Spare Parts, Combine Spare Parts, and More

These are some of the best steps to follow if you want to find more tractor spare parts, combine spare parts, or any other parts for your farm machinery:

Get the Part Number

First, make sure you know exactly what part you’re talking about. Before you can conduct an effective search or have a conversation with a dealer, you need to be certain that you’re going to get the correct part for your needs. That means identifying exactly which part is in need of replacement and writing down the identification number.
This number can tell you a lot about the part, including who manufactured it and exactly what it is. For example, tillage points may include RLT1052 and RLT1056, while ripper points might include RLT1257C and RLT1434-1147. Disc blades typically include RL24X1412SRE and RLT290024SD. Though it’s possible to make certain substitutions, it’s usually better to find an exact match.

Stay Open to New Options

If your usual dealer doesn’t have a part in stock, you may need to consider new options. Are there other places you can shop, either in person or online? Just because a part isn’t available in one location doesn’t mean it’s unavailable everywhere.

Use Google

Google is your best friend. Search for the part number if you know it and see if there are any online buying options that can get it to you in relatively short order. If you don’t know the part number, you might be able to take a picture of the part and search for something similar.

Consider Going Straight to the Manufacturer

In some cases, you can buy parts directly from the manufacturer, often at a discount. This requires a few extra steps, and it won’t always work in your favor, but it’s worth pursuing if you don’t have many other options.

Additional Tips To Find Farming Spare Parts

Follow these additional tips for finding spare parts to make things easier on yourself:

Buy in Advance

Long before harvest, buy a surplus of the parts you typically need. If you have a fully stocked inventory of spare parts on hand, you won’t have to worry about whether your suppliers have them available.

Practice Preventative Maintenance

Instead of waiting for your farm machinery to break down before replacing a part, practice preventative maintenance. Inspect your machinery thoroughly for signs of wear or damage and replace parts before they break; doing so buys you more time.

Talk to Your Neighbors and Friends

If you’re struggling to find the spare parts you need, chances are you’re not alone. Talk to your neighbors and friends to see if they’ve had similar challenges and ask how they’ve managed to resolve their supply issues. They might have some solid recommendations for what you can do in this situation.
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