Round Bar Space Concaves, Set of 3, STS; AH205261

Set Of 3, Heat Treated


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Concaves, Set of 3, STS, Round Bar Space; If installing into 50 Series, latch kit is required.

To fit John Deere® S650, S660, S670, S670 HILLMASTER, S680, S680 HILLMASTER, S685, S685 HILLMASTER, S690, S690 HILLMASTER, S770, S780, S785, S790, 9650STS, 9660STS, 9670STS, 9750STS, 9760STS, 9770STS, 9860STS, 9870STS series combines.

Replaces JD # (1) AH205261 & (2) AH206456, BH842262

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Weight 245.0 lbs