RH 2996 Fertilizer Coulter Assembly, Yetter

RH Fertilizer coulter assembly, 20″, Liquid Rear Knife


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RH Fertilizer coulter assembly, 20″, Liquid Rear Knife. Yetter # 2996-057-R

Efficient, effective placement of fertilizer is achieved with the 2996 Parallel Linkage Coulter. Its two parallel arms hold the position of the fertilizer discharge point, ensuring consistent fertilizer depth as field conditions change.


  • Available with CAD-tip rear knife for liquid or dry fertilizer or with
  • spring injection for liquid or dry
  • Uses a 20″ ripple or 25 multi-wave blade
  • Mounting kits available for toolbars
  • Available in left-hand and right-hand models. CLICK HERE for Left hand model.

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Weight 80.0 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in