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20' Speedtiller in Chopped Corn Stubble

20' Speedtiller in Heavy Corn Trash

20' Speedtiller in Chopped Corn Stubble

20' Speedtiller in Hay Ground

20' Speedtiller on Prevent Plant land

20' Speedtiller incorporating Liquid Manure




















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Are heavy stubble & crop residue giving you headaches?   Do the weeds in your fields get out of control?   Do you need a heavy duty tillage machine to get your land  back into shape? If so…you need a SPEEDTILLER, which is a multi-purpose machine for primary tillage & seedbed preparation, designed to meet the harshest and most demanding soil conditions that face our producers today.  Make sure you put one to the test!

The SPEEDTILLER chops, mixes, and incorporates stubble, manure, or other organic matter & conditions soil into a seed bed (in most fields) in just one pass, compared to conventional systems taking anywhere up to three passes. Soil is leveled efficiently,  leaving a smooth seed bed and allowing grain drills to pass through without blockages.

 Maximum cultivation for excellent weed control is done without having to work to the depths of conventional plowing systems. 

The SPEEDTILLER achieves the best results at higher speeds (7-9m/h) giving a fuel efficient operation.  Where one customer used 20 gallons of fuel/acre  before, he now uses 12 gallons of fuel/acre with the Speedtiller!  He is saving 8 gallons of fuel/acre!   This presents huge cost savings & labor efficiencies, which ultimately affect the profitability of your farming operations.  Engineered for strength and durability, the SPEEDTILLER is in a class of its own for superior soil management.


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