How to Maintain the Speedtiller Powerflex

Are you looking to keep your Speedtiller Powerflex in top-notch condition? 

Regular maintenance and replacing worn-out parts is essential to ensure optimal performance. Read below for a guide on the process of maintaining your Speedtiller Powerflex and identify the parts that require regular replacement.


Why is it important to maintain the Speedtiller Powerflex?

Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure that your Speedtiller Powerflex continues to operate at its best. By following a few simple maintenance steps, you can keep your Speedtiller Powerflex running smoothly for many years to come.

To maintain the Speedtiller Powerflex, start by inspecting the machine for any signs of wear or damage. Check the blades, jump arms, rubbers, top hats, hardware, the frame, and the hydraulic system for any issues. Regular inspections allow you to identify potential problems early on and take proactive measures to prevent further damage.

What are the important parts of the Speedtiller Powerflex?

When it comes to parts that need regular replacement, the rubbers, top hats and blades should be at the top of your maintenance list. 

These parts can experience significant wear and tear during field operations, and replacing them in a timely manner is vital to maintain optimal performance.

1.The 2-inch rubber suspension on the blades demonstrates excellent durability. However, prolonged intense use at significant depths may lead to wear on these rubber torsions. Once these rubber torsions wear out, all you have to do is to replace them. There are two rubber torsions under each top hat.

2. Top hats secure the jump arm to the toolbar. Intense operations in rocky terrain can cause ripples in the front, leading to a loss of flatness and subsequent movement of the rubber torsions. Thus, it’s important to replace the top hats as soon as you see signs of deformity or looseness.

3. Another part prone to wear on the Speedtiller Powerflex is the rear pins. Over time, these pins may wear out, requiring replacement. If you’re in need of replacements, RangeLine offers rear pins and other essential parts. Visit for more information.

4. Similarly, the blades on the Speedtiller Powerflex are subject to intense pressure and different soil conditions. Typically, farmers are getting 10,000 to 12,000 acres before needing to replace the blades.

5. Each disc arm contains sealed bearings, and we rarely see bearing issues on the Speedtiller Powerflex. However, when you do need to replace the bearings, ensure that you use high-quality replacements that are compatible with the equipment.  For your convenience, click here to view these bearings – available at Rangeline.

Inspect the blades regularly for any signs of chips or cracks. If you notice any issues, replace the blades promptly.

Maintenance Tips for the Hydraulic System of the Speedtiller Powerflex

The Speedtiller Powerflex’s hydraulic system, while robust and requiring minimal maintenance, benefits from occasional inspection to prevent leaks and maintain optimal power transmission efficiency.

Regularly inspect the hydraulic hoses for any signs of damage or wear. Look for leaks, cracks, or bulges. If you notice any issues, replace the hoses promptly to prevent further damage and ensure proper hydraulic function.

Check the hydraulic fluid level regularly and top up as needed. Use the manufacturer’s recommended hydraulic fluid and follow the guidelines for proper filling. 

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Recommended maintenance schedule for the Speedtiller Powerflex

To ensure that your Speedtiller Powerflex receives the necessary maintenance, follow a recommended schedule. The specific maintenance intervals may vary depending on factors such as usage, operating conditions, and the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Here is a general maintenance schedule for the Speedtiller Powerflex:

1. Grease the cylinder pins every two weeks.

2. Grease the crumbler rollers every day.

3. Change the blades once they get thinner than 20 inches. Nonetheless,they typically last from 10,000 to 12,000 acres before needing replacement.

4. The bearings in the Speedtiller Powerflex are very durable compared to other brands. These bearings have a three-year warranty.

5. The Speedtiller is truly a long-term investment, with some claiming that it still works fine even after over 120,000 acres.

Where to find parts for the Speedtiller Powerflex?

Investing time and effort into proper maintenance will pay off in the long run, as it will help you avoid costly repairs and downtime. Keep your Speedtiller Powerflex in top-notch condition, and enjoy its reliable performance for many seasons to come!

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