Amazone Cultivator: How The Ceus 2TX Changed the Tillage Game in the US

Conventional tillage involves multiple passes with different equipment, each serving a specific purpose such as tilling, leveling, and seedbed preparation.


This does not only consume valuable time, but also leads to higher labor costs since more passes mean more work hours for the tractor operator. Additionally, the labor-intensive nature of traditional tillage methods can strain farmers’ resources, both in terms of money and physical effort.

The Birth of the Amazone Ceus 2TX

According to Grainews, Amazone launched the Ceus 6000 2TX during a demonstration tour across various regions of Canada in 2017. 

Around the same period, during an international field day in Germany in September that year, the brand showcased the Ceus among its line-up of new products, demonstrating its capabilities to the public.

The Ceus is the combination of the well-known Catros disc harrow and Cenius trailed cultivator. It shreds and mixes organic matter and loosens the soil deeply to allow natural reconsolidation, all in one operation, thereby avoiding multiple time-consuming farm operations.

Four Parts of the Amazone Ceus 2TX

The Ceus, which is available in working widths of 3 to 7 meters, is engineered to operate at speeds ranging from 5 to 9 kilometers per hour. It’s crafted to serve as a versatile machine, capable of various tasks like shallow residue mixing and cutting, stubble cultivation, or deep soil loosening.

The equipment is made up of four essential elements starting with the high-speed disc blades in front, followed by a series of tines, then leveling discs, and finally a choice of various rollers.

1. Disc Blades

The 20-inch disc blades in the Amazone Ceus 2TX achieve an outstanding mulching effect, which stimulates the decomposition process. Why is this important? Well,  the finer the organic material is shredded, the easier it is to decompose and thus deliver valuable nutrients back to the soil.

On the other hand, the discs have adjustable settings, ranging from 2 to 5.5 inches deep. They also have individual suspension.


2. Tines

The tines in the Amazone Ceus 2TX are spaced 40 centimeters apart. They can even operate independently for deep ripping without engaging the disc blades.


Aside from the usual 3-inch wide tines, the Ceus can also be fitted with the 4-inch wide, duck-foot, and wing tines.


The tines are attached to an overload protection system with a release force of up to 1,322 lbs. It offers a high-release lift of up to 12 inches, avoiding any obstacle in the field with ease, ensuring a reliable and non-stop operation.

3. Leveling Discs

The leveling disc blades in the Amazone Ceus 2TX are designed to ensure an even and smooth finish to the soil surface after tillage.


They help to break up clods, level the ground, and create a uniform seedbed, promoting optimal conditions for planting and crop growth. Additionally, they can assist in incorporating crop residues and organic matter into the soil, improving soil structure and fertility.

4. Rollers

In addition to this rubber roller, Amazone experts say that 11 other roller options are available for the Ceus, which can be interchanged depending on the conditions in your field.

You can also release the rollers if you want. For example, if the conditions are particularly wet and you simply want to loosen the soil after the winter so that it can dry out, the roller can be removed.


To do that, you just have to turn the swivel clips at the rear of the running gear lift cylinders. The depth of the disc and tine combination is then regulated by the swivel clip system.

"You can either use it strictly as a vertical till. You could put the ripper points down; you can use it as a ripper. So, it's a combination of two. You need stuff that's more versatile and if I want to rip with it today, I can. If I want to use it as a vertical till, I can do that."

How to adjust the depth settings for the Amazone Ceus 2TX?

One of the best features of the Amazone Ceus 2TX is that it gives the operator the ability to control the working depth for three of the four important parts of the equipment INDEPENDENTLY and CONVENIENTLY from inside the tractor cab.

The Hydraulic ultra overload protection system is ideal for hard and stony ground conditions. This ensures a quicker and more reliable re-entry.

Because of this hydraulic system, Amazon Ceus 2TX almost never stops, meaning the operator can adjust the settings from inside the cab, without having to constantly get out while in the field.


The front gage shows 0 to 8 inches for the high-speed discs. The middle gage have -10 to 20 inches for the tines. The rear gage is 0 to 30 inches for the leveling discs.


The future of one-pass tillage with Amazone Ceus 2TX

The Amazone Ceus 2TX has transformed the world of tillage deep ripping, offering farmers a game-changing one-pass solution that maximizes efficiency, productivity, and yield potential.

With its advanced technology, customizable features, and robust construction, the Ceus 2TX has set a new standard for tillage equipment. By eliminating the need for multiple passes and streamlining operations into a single pass, the Ceus 2TX saves farmers valuable time, lowers labor costs, and reduces fuel consumption.

As the agriculture industry continues to evolve, the Amazone Ceus 2TX represents the future of tillage. Its cutting-edge technology and innovative design offer farmers the opportunity to optimize their operations and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.


Embrace the game-changer in tillage. Join the countless farmers who have already experienced the benefits of the Amazone Ceus 2TX and witness the transformation it brings to your farming operations. 

Where to buy Amazone Ceus 2TX equipment and parts?

The Amazone Ceus 2TX is available through authorized dealers and distributors like RangeLine Group. You can visit or contact 1-585-270-8047 to schedule a farm demo and witness the Ceus in action.

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