Best Chisel Plow Points

Best Chisel Plow Points

Every year, growers perform deep tillage techniques to loosen the soil and prepare for the next growing season. Chisel plowing is an economical deep tillage process done in the fall and aerates the soil while removing compaction, ruts, and crop residue. Failure to remove soil compaction leads to various problems, including:

  • Reduced nutrients
  • Increased runoff
  • Decreased water infiltration

Finding the best chisel plow point for your soil allows for peak efficiency and impacts your farm’s success. Read more about the wide variety of chisel plow blades and the options offered by the RangeLine Group.

Benefits of Using Chisel Plow Blades

Growers are often committed to one deep tillage technique. Each method offers various benefits for enhancing soil conditions, and careful consideration is required to make the right decision for your farm. Here are the benefits chisel plowing provides growers.

Removes Compaction

Tractor and combines leave ruts in the field during wet harvest conditions, creating uneven soil levels and impacting future crop yield. Chisel plowing removes ruts and eliminates compaction after harvest, allowing growers to start with an even soil level next season.

Minimizes Erosion

Providing a water outlet is a top priority for growers because it prevents erosion. Chisel plowing minimizes standing water by providing a natural drainage solution for water after harvest. The risk of erosion increases if the water doesn’t run properly, potentially damaging topsoil and impacting a farm’s success.

Weed Prevention

Chisel plow points effectively sever weed roots below the surface and limit unwanted plant growth. This increases a farm’s efficiency by preventing weeds from returning during the next growing season.

Fertilizes Soil

Chisel plow blades increase fertilization by working manure into the soil. Manure enhances soil quality by providing nitrogen and other nutrients in organized compounds and ammonium. 

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Best Chisel Plow Points Offered by RangeLine

Each chisel point is equipped with narrow chisel points. These points are installed on long shanks and determine how dirt is ripped and displaced. The RangeLine Group is a leading provider of chisel plow points, because we offer growers a wide variety of chisel plow points, including:


RangeLine offers right– and left-handed v-point shanks that efficiently cut and ridge a field. These chisel plow points allow growers to determine the direction the dirt is removed. Fields that were plowed with a v-point shank have a distinct grooved appearance.


Slash chisel points are a popular choice for growers because they limit the amount of displaced dirt. RangeLine offers an extensive inventory of high-quality slash-point chisel plow blades that are durable and enhance deep tillage processes.

Cupped Face

Cupped-face chisel plow blades are ideal for growers looking to prevent erosion in their fields. These chisel plow points have concavity features that capture and toss soil. RangeLine offers high-quality cupped blades that dig deep furrows to prevent water runoff.

Straight Point

Straight-point chisel blades are ideal for growers trying to limit how often they replace their chisel plow blades. RangeLine’s straight-point blades increase longevity by limiting wear and enhancing productivity.

RangeLine Group: Offering Replacement Chisel Plow Shanks and More Since 2012

Finding the right Ag parts supplier is critical for maintaining farming operations, regardless of your deep tillage method. The RangeLine group has been a leading provider of equipment because we offer a consistent inventory of high-quality tools. We provide our partners with longer-lasting products because we source our parts from well-known manufacturers. Our team is committed to giving our customers a smooth experience and accomplish this by sticking to our values:

  • Trust: We believe in being honest with our customers.
  • Respect: Our team aims to treat others the way they want to be treated.
  • Teamwork: Working together with our customers allows them to grow and succeed.
  • Change: Our team is adaptable and works with customers to meet their needs.
  • Attitude: Maintaining a positive, team-first attitude allows us to provide the best results.
  • Communicate: We provide transparency by frequently communicating with our customers.

Our focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness has made us a leading Ag replacement parts supplier in North America. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of chisel plow points.