Tips To Prevent Downtime During Planting Season

How To Prevent Downtime During Planting Season

Planting season is a critical time for growers since it’s the time of year that determines the success of their harvest, and maintaining productivity is key for successful planting. One major issue that impacts productivity is downtime. Malfunctioning equipment creates efficiency gaps that decrease profits. Prevention is one of the best strategies to reduce downtime. Read more about downtime reduction strategies that increase productivity during planting season and solutions offered by RangeLine.

Downtime Reduction Strategies

Track Equipment Inventory

Preventing downtime during planting season starts immediately after you harvest. Take the time to carefully inventory your parts on hand; keeping a list allows you to identify the items you need to order. Remember, supply chain shortages continue to impact growers, and planning ahead gives you plenty of time for replacement parts to arrive.

Planter Maintenance

Performing preventative maintenance on planter equipment provides you peace of mind that they will be ready for the next planting season. Take the time to verify your planter row cleaner is in working condition. Some of the elements to check for include:

Parallel Arm Linkage

A planter’s parallel arm linkage wears over time, leading to inconsistent planting depth and spacing issues. Parallel arm quality assurance involves checking your planter’s vertical and horizontal movement. Any irregular movements suggest it’s time to order new parts.

Seed Disc Analysis

Seed discs open the soil and create a small furrow for the seed. A disc that’s overworn impacts plant emergence by planting seeds at uneven depths. If your seed disc is worn ½” or more make sure that you replace them so that you won’t have to stop and replace parts during planting season.

Closing Wheel Inspection

Inspecting your planter’s closing wheel verifies that every furrow is closed and firm around the seed. A worn closing wheel produces inconsistent closures and impacts emergence.

Catching planter equipment issues early prevents downtime during planting season and maintains your farm’s efficiency.

Train Workers

Operator error is a common cause of downtime. Make sure your employees are up to date on your equipment and best practices to reduce the chances of a downtime event from occurring.

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RangeLine’s Downtime Reduction Strategies

With supply chain issues continuing to impact the Ag industry, partnering with a reputable parts supplier is more critical than ever for reducing downtime. RangeLine Group helps growers limit downtime costs by offering the following benefits:

Extensive Inventory

We streamline our communication channels by purchasing parts straight from the manufacturer. Our process allows us to better anticipate supply chain issues. This gives our customers an edge because they can order replacement parts before shortages impact inventory and price.

Durable Parts

Our replacement parts are sourced from well-known manufacturers. The durable equipment offered by RangeLine offers customers the following benefits:

  • Increased efficiency: Productivity is fueled by efficiency.
  • Enhanced performance: Our durable replacement parts help workers maintain performance and improve safety.
  • Increased uptime: Preventing downtime maximizes uptime during peak growing periods.

Training Services

Our expert employees are available for onsite training services that make sure your equipment is working properly. We know how important a well-trained staff is to your farm’s productivity, and our hands-on approach makes sure your team is prepared to quickly repair equipment.

Prevent Downtime With RangeLine

RangeLine has been helping customers reduce unplanned downtime since 2012. Along with our extensive inventory of planter replacement parts, we also offer components for a wide variety of Ag equipment, including:

Tillage Parts

Our expert team is knowledgeable about tillage techniques for various soil types and offers solutions that keep your tillage equipment in working condition.

Combine Parts

Having a productive harvest means making sure your combine equipment is working properly. We offer cost-effective replacement combine parts that improve efficiency and maintain productivity on your farm.

We’re a results-oriented company committed to our customers’ success and passionate about efficiency. This focus on cost-effectiveness and efficient solutions has allowed us to become one of the largest ag replacement providers in North America. Contact us today to learn more about reducing downtime with our industry-leading replacement parts for planter row cleaners and other equipment.