Petro-Can Duron SHP, 15W-40 Engine oil

Super High Performance synthetic blend


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PETRO-CAN DURON SHP 15W-40 is a Super High Performance synthetic blend heavy duty engine oil that delivers exceptional performance. Outstanding shear stability combined with superior wear protection helps deliver comprehensive protection to vital engine parts over a wide range of operating conditions. DURON SHP 15W-40 is designed to handle more demanding operations, as well as extending drains

Features and Benefits:
DURON next generation heavy duty diesel engine oils offer a number of premium performance features which include:

  • Ultimate wear protection
  • Maintains shear stability
  • Reduced oxidative thickening
  • Reduced valve train wear
  • Reduced piston deposits
  • Corrosion protection
  • Reduced oil consumption
  • Advanced soot control
  • Emission system friendly

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