Gulf Universal Tractor Fluid, 55 Gal.

Universal tractor hydraulic oil, Gulf, 55 gallon drum




Gulf Universal Tractor Fluid, hydraulic oil, 55 gallon drum.

  • Premium transmission/ differential/ hydraulic fluid.
  • Formulated from high quality base oil and a performance proven additive system.
  • Designed to function as a common sump fluid in a wide variety of farm tractors and construction equipment that requires a single lubricant for the hydraulic system, powershift/hydrostatic/manual transmissions final drive, wet brakes, and power-take-off (PTO) clutches.
  • Suited for year-round use as a universal lubricant for today’s modern tractors, as well as yesterday’s workhorses.

Gulf Universal Tractor Fluid provides outstanding wear protection for gears and hydraulic pumps, and meets API GL-4 performance requirements. It is a multi-viscosity fluid with a pour point of -35 degrees F for superior low temperature performance. It also possesses exceptional friction control properties for operation in wet brakes and clutches. Additionally, this product provides excellent rust and corrosion protection and provides outstanding system cleanliness.

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Weight 420.0 lbs