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Everything You Need to Know About Planter Gauge Wheels

If you’re looking for a durable gauge wheel that keeps your planter or drill device at a consistent depth throughout your process, you’ve come to the right place. Rangeline Group has planter gauge wheels that combine strength and versatility with rubber and polyurethane bases.

In this article, we’ll talk about what planter gauge wheels are, how a gauge wheel arm repair kit can be beneficial, the benefits of gauge wheels, the types of gauge wheels, and when it might be time to replace them. Here’s everything you need to know:

What Are Planter Gauge Wheels?

For decades, almost all planters and farmers have had gauge wheels attached to open-blade equipment. Gauge wheels are near where the seed drops during the planting process, and planter wheels help get the most precise depth control in the location. The purpose of a planter gauge wheel is to keep the planter and drill running at a consistent depth throughout the planting process to adsorb residue.

There are two types of gauge planter wheels available: soft rubber tires and hard plastic polyurethane tire material. At the Rangeline Group, your business or operation is covered with a vast range of gauge wheel tires.

Gauge Wheel Arm Repair Kit

The arm of the gauge wheel is the top point of wear, typically caused when the ground load of a gauge is offset from the center row, where the arm and the adjustable stop mechanism meet. The offset load is also supported by two points of contact between the bore of the hub and the pivot pin. Wear points at these locations allow the planter tire to pull away from the opener disc. Once the planter tire pulls away enough, the only option left to adjust is temporarily moving the arm.

Enter the gauge wheel arm repair kit for your process. The arm repair kit differs from all other available kits because it supports the offset load differently. The kit design utilizes a disc spring mechanism preloaded to the outer end of the hub arm with enough spring pressure to pivot freely without leaning. The pressure then remains evenly around the contact location because the arm can’t lean. By doing this, the gauge wheel arm repair kit eliminates any wear concerns.

Benefits of Planter Wheels

Placing a gauge wheel alongside the planting blade is excellent for preventing soil from being thrown out of location. If you are a planter that likes to retain the maximum amount of mulch possible, you’ll love the role that gauge wheels play in the planting process.

Another benefit of these wheels is to hold down the sidewall from being lifted and destroyed by an open blade as it rotates through the soil. Gauge wheels aid precise seed placement since no other agent is involved in the process that guides seed direction.


Interested in purchasing planter gauge wheels for a more precise and efficient process? Give the Rangeline Group a call today.

Types of Planter Gauge Wheels

Both skinny gauge wheels and thicker standard wheels are available. Let’s run through a brief description of each planter gauge wheel type.

Skinny Gauges

Skinny gauges are a versatile option that can be used for many purposes. For example, the skinny route may be best within the swath, created by row cleaners. Especially if you are working around heavy stalks, you’ll need skinny gauges.

Standard Gauges

Standard gauges are the most durable and commonly used component for outdoor operations. Standard gauges only run on one side of the planter, leaving the other side uncompacted. Standard and skinny gauges are both available in rubber or hard plastic forms.


Closeup of tractor and planter in farm field planting corn or soybeans seed in dry, dusty soil during spring season

When to Replace Planter Gauge Wheels

Wear Against the Disc Opener

Have you run out of room to adjust the space between the disc opener and the gauge wheel on your planter? This is the top sign you need to replace your planter gauge wheels. This is because the inner side of the gauge wheel rubber will wear and tear over time against the opener. You may even reach a point where you completely lose the ability to adjust or correct the disc opener.

Row Unit

The row unit of the gauge wheel is designed to make contact with the disc opening blade and act as a second scraper when the row unit is submerged in the ground for ongoing operations. If neither of these expectations are up to par, seek replacement or repair for your planter gauge wheels.

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